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Yoghurt maker(GL-Y101)

FOB Port: ShunDe
MOQ: 2592
Cert: CE,CB
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Detailed Description

1).20W, 220-240V/50Hz.
2).Capacity: 1.6L, for 4-8 people. Yogurt Making.
3).Excellent Performance Of Anti-Pollution Yogurt Container
4).Using Automatic Thermostat PTC Heater Design
5).Precise Temperature Control, Ensure Quality Of Yogurt
6).Allows you to control sweetness, ingredients,  fat content,and thickness of yogurt.
7).Unique structure allows for all-around heat circulation to make good yogurt
8).Clear lid allows for viewing of cooking process.
9).The yogurt container is designed to be airtight storage.
10).The yogurt container material is approved food safe by FDA(U.S.A).
11).With 7 separate glass cups of yogurt container                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
12).Approval: CE,CB

20/40/40HQ:2592  5392  6800

FOB Shunde, A: 8.5USD, B: 8.6USD C: 8.8USD